Monday, January 21, 2013

Make and Style International Newport Group/DAILYMOTION

International Newport Group
Fashion designers today are no less than any A-list mega star and celebrity in the chain town. With the expansion of fashion horizons, the high-end designers and luxury fashion houses are outfitting to the illusions of millions, who want to be in the league of best, stylish and extremely popular fashion designers. With a life associated with it that appears to be absolutely picture-perfect with money, fame and glamour, fashion designing is one of the most flourishing and popular career options in contemporary time.
With the ever growing number of fashion magazines with glossy pages, opening up the Pandora box of creativity page on page and fashion weeks that seem to take the world by their storm; becoming a fashion designer is an alluring and rewarding career for those with creative streak of mind.
And so to make a statement for this, Newport International Group strips off the nine essential fashion trends of spring 2013 as studied the runways in Paris, New York, Milan and London tailored by the different renowned effigy on the leg of make and style industry.
International Newport Group
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