Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL GROUP: Fashion designer Tony Ward seduced by magic of silicones


Drawing on his exceptional innovative spirit and know-how, Tony Ward signs a new collection with brand new materials and techniques and adds a fine twist to the codes of Haute Couture.
This 2013 Spring-Summer Collection is the fruit of long research work. It all started 2 years ago when the designer accidentally dropped silicone on tulle and was seduced by the originality and beauty of the unexpected effect.
Ever since, Ward started imagining the possibility of using this new method in his creations.
With the support of the brilliant expertise of his historical house of Haute Couture and embroidery, which has just celebrated its 60 years of excellence, Ward succeeded in elegantly breaking through the limits of Couture to innovate and create masterpieces using this malleable revolutionary material that combines the luxury of crystals with the magic of volumes.
Fabrics and embroideries are hand-painted, thus creating beautiful color gradients. Shades of blue, pink and beige and the eternal duo of white and black are softened by an ultra-feminine see-through effect.
The silhouettes are sensual and ravishing, romantic and architectural. Dresses and suits are carved in organza, tulle, silk blister jacquard or lace.
This Collection, that perfectly blends creativity with structure and radiates an aura beyond words, is an authentic tribute to innovation.

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  1. Sounds interesting enough; maybe I'll watch out for this.